Ed Huffman

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Ed Huffman is a Metal Detection Expert specializing in historic areas, relics and shallow water. Ed has gained years of experience and knowledge while metal detecting for artifacts/relics and learning effective researching and metal detecting methods from his own hunts, Professional Treasure Hunters, Expert Metal Detectorists and Archaeologists. He also has a BS Degree from the University of Tennessee with a Concentration in Research Methodology in his repertoire. Ed is a skilled Metal Detectorist with years of experience and extensive training with Metal Detectors. He doesn't just hunt for lost treasure, artifacts and relics. He helps Museums, Government Organizations and Archaeologists recover Artifacts from protected sites. Ed Huffman has metal detected and recovered artifacts/relics throughout the United States and hopes to recover artifacts throughout the world someday! The majority of his recovered artifacts/relics he has are in his personal collection or has sold or donated to Museums, Private Collectors and Businesses.

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Some of Ed's Favorite Finds

Three 1773 Virginia Halfpennys

1857 Flying Eagle One Cent

1857 West Indies Copper Cent

Confederate "A" Artillery Button


Some of Ed's Favorite Metal Detectors

XP Deus

Minelab CTX 3030

Garrett AT MAX

Teknetics T2 LTD

Minelab Equinox






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