Jeff Lubbert

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Jeff is one of our extremely skilled Detectorist that specializes in Coin and Jewelry Hunting. Jeff is known to some in the Metal Detecting World as the "Epic Ring Finder" for his success at finding Gold Rings! Jeff is a draftsman by trade with over 20 years of architectural drafting experience. He works for a sub-contractor in the drafting department for the Department of Energy. He is a treasure hunter and an avid outdoorsman by choice. Growing up in a small Iowa farming community, Jeff began arrowhead hunting, searching for old lost coins with his metal detector and digging through old farm dumps in his pre-teen years.

Soon after getting married Jeff and his wife moved to Colorado on a whim in January of 1996. Jeff has been a member of Eureka Treasure Hunters Club in Denver since 1999. He has served as Eureka’s President for 2 terms, one term as Vice President, served on the board of directors for 3 terms and he is currently Eureka’s newsletter editor. He has metal detected in 18 states and 3 foreign countries (Mexico, England & Scotland). He is a member of www.theringfinders.com, which is an organization of metal detectorists who are available to search for lost jewelry, keys and the like. Last year through The Ring Finders Jeff returned 12 rings to their proper owners and was selected as “Finder of the Year”. That selection is quite an honor due to the fact that there are over 130 registered members in 19 different countries.

In 2006 he was on the TV show Forensic Files, episode 259 - Doctor Visit, recreating a search for evidence with metal detectors. Jeff has also written (2) articles which were published in the magazine American Digger. He is currently an internet radio co-host with the publisher and owner of American Digger magazine, Butch Holcombe, and copy editor Dwayne Anderson. They broadcast Monday nights at 9:00 PM EST. The show is a talk show in which they interview guests; the guests have ranged from fellow detectorists, authors, artists and Vice-Presidents of manufacturing companies. Listeners are encouraged to call in and talk with the guests so you just never know where the show is going to go. In addition, Jeff has also helped local police departments search for evidence on (4) separate occasions.

Jeff is one of the founding members of H.A.R.T. (Historical Artifact Recovery Team) of Colorado. Though at this time HART is an informal group, they have registered the group with the State of Colorado and also registered a trademark. HART is a small group of friends who love to research, locate, recover, preserve and display artifacts as well as educate others on what the artifacts can tell us. As a HART member he has talked to historical societies, civic groups, school groups and just about anybody that will listen about the importance of proper recovery and preservation of artifacts for future generations.

With HART Jeff has also had the opportunity to work with the Colorado National Guard to try and locate an important Indian Wars military encampment that has been lost to time. All of the unique military artifacts recovered and the vast majority of the common artifacts recovered from this site will be on display at the Colorado Military Museum which is currently under construction in Golden. HART’s research had shown that this former encampment is on land belonging to cable television tycoon Philip Anschutz. The teams worked with and were guests of the Anschutz family at their ranch and have searched for the camp twice with limited success. For their efforts in the search, each member of the team received an “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” medallion and letter of appreciation from Major General H. Michael Edwards of the Colorado National Guard.

Some Of Jeff's Favorite Metal Detectors

Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab GPX 5000

XP Deus

Whites MXT

Garrett AT Pro

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