Latest Treasure Finds

  • XP Deus Metal Detector Amazes Again!

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/171fc14b49a79ea979710de5b3402b30_S.jpg" alt="XP Deus Metal Detector Amazes Again!" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman Took the XP Deus Metal Detector to a spot that he has pounded with other numeous high end detectors and&#8230;</div>

  • Silver Finds For The Year 2014..... So Far!

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/c10c64c27e0606d1654b81b9bb482558_S.jpg" alt="Silver Finds For The Year 2014..... So Far!" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman's Silver Finds For The Year 2014..... So Far!</div>

  • Civil War Relics Dug By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman Using The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/7293a47c0f4cdddd46ff10bcf3d23287_S.jpg" alt="Civil War Relics Dug By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman Using The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Civil War Relics Dug by Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman at the Battle Of Armstrong Hill in the Tennessee Mountains.</div>

  • Silver Coin Spill Found By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/3d10c9c21f6f61faeefd4aa27b190def_S.jpg" alt="Silver Coin Spill Found By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText"> Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters! Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman has done it once again!</div>

  • 1857 Flying Eagle One Cent

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/95a78f3015bd19286b33c65657114fc4_S.jpg" alt="1857 Flying Eagle One Cent" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Just to let you know how rare this coin is… The Flying Eagle One Cent Graded in a High Quality condition could fetch up to&#8230;</div>

  • 1773 Virginia Halfpenny

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/ffe144b59c409587b4c9211fb31afdfe_S.jpg" alt="1773 Virginia Halfpenny" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">"Great Research Equals Great Finds" - Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman!</div>

  • Spanish Shipwreck Artifacts

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/39eee751af30032eeece2f48de2de4ba_S.jpg" alt="Spanish Shipwreck Artifacts" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">These are some Spanish shipwreck artifacts.</div>

  • Colonial Military Buckles

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/9ecd376e5371efaef9aad9bc9143aed8_S.jpg" alt="Colonial Military Buckles" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Check out these colonial military buckles!</div>

  • Ornate Treasure Relic

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/0b1ad7a7b79268a1f4558db78e092446_S.jpg" alt="Ornate Treasure Relic" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">Another cool treasure from Gary!</div>

  • 1830 Seminole Indian War Buttons and a $5 Gold Coin

    <div class="K2FeedImage"><img src="http://treasuremtndetectors.net/media/k2/items/cache/f710044bf79a4b1f5d8b085e5e5d9711_S.jpg" alt="1830 Seminole Indian War Buttons and a $5 Gold Coin" /></div><div class="K2FeedIntroText">1830 Seminole Indian War Buttons with a $5 Gold Coin</div>

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