Minelab Drover Hat

  • Minelab Drover Hat


Minelab Drover Hat;  Looks good... feels great! Durable Australian waterproof canvas with cool flow through mesh. This lightweight hat is crushable with flexible brim...

Color: Khaki...

When placing order, please indicate Size and Part Number (as indicated below)...

S: 9999-0171

M: 9999-0173

L: 9999-0174

XL: 9999-0175

2XL: 9999-0176

Sizing Chart(Head): S = 22in / 56.5cm M = 22.5in /58cm L = 23in / 59.5cm XL = 24in / 61cm 2XL =24.5in / 62.5cm

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