NEL Tornado Coil For Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

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  • NEL Tornado Coil For Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector


NEL Tornado Coil For The Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

The NEL Coils are high performance search coils designed to be used with most major brand metal detectors.

There is great demand for search coils that are stable, sensitive and give more depth than stock search coils. We tested these coils and found them to be far superior to stock and other after market coils.

Some stock search coils do not work well in difficult ground conditions. They can be noisy and give false signals even at moderate sensitivity levels. With the NEL Coils you will find that your machine is more stable and able to run at a higher sensitivity level.

The NEL Coils are manufactured like no other coils on the market today.
They are perfectly balanced, tuned and made to last.

Compared with stock coils the NEL Tornado has an average of 30% more depth on coin sized targets.
The recently released NEL BIG goes 50% deeper and has great coverage for searching those wide open areas.


NEL Tornado features:

  • Size: 12 inch x 13 inch (30.5 cm x 33 cm)
  • Improved stability and sensitivity to highly mineralized soil
  • Ultra-light weight and yet solid construction.
  • Total weight: 590 grams
  • Depth in comparison with standard coil increased by 30 percent
  • Improved stability and sensitivity to highly mineralized soil
  • Search coil is completely waterproof
  • Warranty: 2 years
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