Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

  • Teknetics G2 Metal Detector


Teknetics G2 Metal Detector - Brand New - Transmitting at 19kHz and Using 2 Microprocessors. This unit will incorporate Teknetics' hottest-ever circuit platform of the Gold Bug into a multi purpose relic, coin and gold prospecting detector transmitting at 19kHz and using 2 microprocessors. It will have a pistol mount control box and come standard with our acclaimed 11 inch DD search coil which has proven to be the best coil in the industry!

Product Features:

  • 11" Double D Coil
  • Excellent for finding coins, relics, jewelry and gold nuggets.
  • Extremely deep and sensitive even on the smallest targets.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and rugged for all day tireless hunting
  • Discrimination and auto-tune modes for multi-purpose hunting of all kinds
  • Computerized ground grab and manual balance for the deepest possible ground penetration
  • Continuous ground condition readout makes it easy to balance (and monitor ground changes on-the-fly)
  • Independent threshold and gain at your fingertips for simple adjustment
  • 1-99 target ID for the ultimate target resolution
  • 2-tone V.C.O. audibly lets you know the probable depth and target composition
  • The highest sensitivity to the smallest gold silver targets at extreme depths.
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